Tuesday, October 21, 2014

New Hampshire Chicken Sandwich

Photo taken by my boy cherub

When we rolled into the sleepy New Hampshire town

and there were only two restaurants to choose from . . .

and one was closed,

we know our options might be slightly limited!

In the parking lot, the Mr. said, "we might be eating gluten tonight!"

We were wrong!

Not only did they have gluten free options,

but they even had a gluten free menu!

Because we had devoured a ton of cheese and apples earlier that day,

the Mr. and I decided on something to share for dinner.

For a point of information:

I am not really one that "likes" to eat out.

Oh, I like to . . .

but it's for strange reasons.

As in, I don't want to order something I can easily make at home.

Like a salad.

Honestly, unless it's an "over the top" salad, I'm not going to order one as my meal.

When I go out, I'm looking for things to try that I can then go home and replicate.

That's what happened this night!

This was NOT on their gluten free menu,

but the only thing that made it "gluten" was the bun.

Being smart, we just asked for no bun.


I can't remember what they called this sandwich,

which we ordered bunless,

but I'm calling it "New Hampshire Chicken Sandwich"

because then, when we have it,

we'll be reminded of our trip.

On another note:  this is GREAT without the bun -- even if you eat gluten!

New Hampshire Chicken Sandwich

4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts, pounded out and seasoned with salt and pepper
1 jar good quality cranberry chutney
1 package boursin cheese spread*
4 buns (I used gluten free onion rolls)

I prefer to always pound the boneless chicken breasts -- it makes it easier to eat.

Season chicken with salt and pepper and grill until no long pink.

Toast the buns . . . because it's just better!

Spread one-fourth of the boursin cheese on the bottom of each bun.

Top with a grilled chicken breast.

Spread a generous amount of cranberry chutney on top of the chicken.

Finish with the top bun.


*boursin is a spreadable cheese, found at most local grocery/super stores.  You might need to look in the "specialty" section near the deli.

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