Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Mummy Wrapped Candy

It's getting close to trick or treat time and I wanted to do something creative!

Our neighborhood is not "traditional."

By that, I mean it is very small and off the beaten path.

If you talk to my mom, you'd think we live off the grid!

But truth is, by most standards, we might be considered "in the country."

But by those who really live "in the country," we are close to city-dwellers.

Regardless of such, we won't have a lot of little trick or treaters running up to our door.

Matter of fact, I had to tell our neighbors to come see us that night!

And with that, comes the fact since we won't have too many kids I wanted to go BIG!

I bought BIG candy for the kids!

Who doesn't love getting full-sized candy bars when they trick or treat?

I mean, really!!

To make your candy mummy, you'll need:

  • any kind of full-size candy bar
  • strips of white cloth; muslin, cheese cloth, even crepe paper if you have it.  (I used cheese cloth)
  • wriggle eyes
  • hot glue
Cut or tear the cloth into strips.  I used about 48" of cloth per strip.  I wanted to wrap it so that the wrapper didn't show through.

Start on the back of the candy bar, using a finger, hold the end in place, then begin wrapping the bar, over-lapping the edges of the fabric just a bit.  Try to end with the fabric piece in the back, simply tuck it under the already-wrapped fabric.

Turn the mummy over to the front and place the eyes where you want them.  I kind of tucked the bottom edge of the eyes under an edge of the fabric to have it appear to be "peaking."  Hot glue the eyes in place.

Enjoy giving your mummy wrapped candy!

Here are some Halloween funnies:

"What kind of music do mummies like?"

Wrap music!!

"What's the most important subject a witch learns in school?


"What is the favorite food of a ghost?


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