Thursday, March 10, 2016

Blueberry Muffles

"Breakfast is ready!"
"What is it?"
"Blueberry Muffles!  Or maybe it could be called Blueberry Waffins!"
"Blueberry muffins made in a waffle iron!"
I didn't have time to wait on the muffins to bake, I didn't want to take time for muffins to bake.
So I thought the quickest, and tastiest way to correct the problem, would be to cook the muffins in the waffle iron.
Sure!  I could have made a "cup of muffin" by cooking them in the microwave, but truthfully, it would not have been as delicious!
The waffle iron was just perfect!
Together, with the gluten free muffin mix and the Belgian waffle iron I whipped out breakfast in a matter of a few minutes!
There's no real recipe here, other than what's printed on the back of the package.
My only recommendation is that I did two things:
  1. I made the batter a little bit thinner than the directions called for; it resembled traditional waffle batter.
  2. I cooked the muffin waffles just a bit longer after the indicator beep sounded on the waffle iron.  This was to brown sufficiently and to cook thoroughly.  Your waffle iron will dictate what you need to do for successful "muffles."
Enjoy your creation!

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