Thursday, May 5, 2016

Hot Bean Dip

That can of fat free refried beans in the picture;

It's my favorite brand.

It's from Aldi's.

There's no reimbursement or compensation for my opinion on this can of beans.

Truly, Aldi doesn't even know I exist.

But I know they exist!

I am a fan of the store.

I'm also a fan of these beans.

Not that I would want to just "open and serve" this, but it's a good foundation for other tasty creations.

With Cinco de Mayo today, I wanted to give you a quick bean dip.

It's super easy and is great for dipping chips or rolling in tortillas for a super fast lunch.

If you were having company, you could keep this warm in a small crock pot and have the toppings out and your friends could "build their own" nachos.

Because I use this brand of refried beans, I don't add a bunch of seasoning.

If you make this, and your canned refried beans aren't seasoned, then you may want to tinker with some flavoring . . . and maybe just adding a taco seasoning packet might be the easiest.

But for me, this is all I do:

Hot Bean Dip

1 can refried beans
4 oz cream cheese
1 tsp. cumin
1/2 tsp. salt
corn chips
shredded cheese
chopped onion
green chilies, drained
chopped jalapeno
sour cream

In a small sauce pan, empty the can of refried beans and add the 4 oz of cream cheese.  If desired, add the cumin and salt.  Over low heat, as not to burn the cream cheese, stir the ingredients together until well combined, the cream cheese is melted, and the mixture is hot all the way through.

That's it!

You're done!

Use the hot bean dip to assemble nachos or fill corn tortillas and top with the cheese, chopped onion, green chilies or chopped jalapeno, sour cream, and salsa.


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