Friday, May 5, 2017


As a kid, I totally remember my dad eating radishes.


He would wash them, maybe cut them . . .maybe not.

Sometimes he would sprinkle some salt on them . . .or maybe not.

But he always said they were so good.

I thought, "well, maybe not!"

I remember, as a kid, trying a radish.


It was hot.

That's about all I remember about a radish.

And that I knew enough to say I didn't like them!

Well, that . . . and my dad would always put cut up radish in our salad if he was making the salad.

And he normally did.

Which means that I had to normally pick them out!

As an adult, I have always steered clear of radishes.

That was until about a year ago.

The cherubs and I stopped at a taco truck.

This wasn't a fancy, "all-the-rage," food truck.

Let me try that again . . .it is all the rage, in that the food is ah-maz-ing!

But it's not one of the popular-kind-of-food-trucks that you see these days.

This is one of those food trucks that was a food truck loooong before it was popular to be a food truck.

We ordered our tacos and on each taco were very thin "toothpick" radish sticks.

Ugh!!  What to do! 

I knew the cherubs hadn't ever tried radishes.

Why would they?

I didn't like them, so there is no need to buy them!

So together, we ate our tacos, along with the radish match sticks, that were beautifully cut, I might say!

What do you know, but it was delicious!

Like, seriously delicious!

The radish; a little crunch, a little peppery, but not hot, and just the right addition to the taco.

Or a salad.

I now buy a bunch of radishes when I'm at the store.

Not only are they beautiful,

with the leafy green tops and gorgeous red bulb with bright white flesh, when cut,

but they are understated in taste.

They add a great crunch, without detracting from the dish.

They add beautiful color, without begging for center stage.

Radish; they're just about perfect!

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