Tuesday, October 9, 2012

18 years and Counting

The Mr. and I celebrated 18 years of joy yesterday.

We were young when we got married.

We didn't think about "what would be."

Like what it would "really" be!

We just thought of what we THOUGHT  it would really be.

But now, we know.

Now, we've got a house, 2 cars, a dog, 2 cherubs and a busy schedule.

We no longer eat dinner on the bed and watch t.v. after work.

We no longer can clean the house in 45 minutes.

We no longer wonder on the weekends, "what can we do next?"

We no longer can go one week with one gallon of milk.

We no longer sleep in on Saturday.

We no longer rush home on Sunday, throw together a sandwich, and make it down for a nap all before one o'clock.

Heck!  We don't even get a Sunday afternoon nap anymore!

We wouldn't change it, though!

I was 18 when I met the one who would become my Mr.

We were in college.

We were friends for 4 years before we started dating.

Once we started dating -- it didn't take long to become engaged.

One year later, we were married.

It hasn't been perfect.

But it's been great.

And this IS my happily ever-after!

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