Saturday, July 5, 2014

Mixed Nut Butter

I've been making almond butter for the Mr. some time now.

I used to make it in my (very) old food processor.

Matter of fact, my dad bought the food processor for me before I ever got married . . .

from a garage sale!

So I know it's at least 20 years old,

but probably older!

I bet when my dad did that he had no idea I'd still be using it!

That's money well spent, huh?

Recently, thought, the Mr. saw a "suggestion" to make mixed nut butter.

There you go;

enough said!
I've already made him two different kinds recently.

Regardless of your preference, I don't think you can go wrong!

The first I made was a combination of
  • walnut and pecan
Now, I've made a mix of
  • cashew and walnut
Next will be
  • pecan and almond
I think.

It's so easy.

Follow the general directions from the post about making almond butter:

There's a bit of difference, but only slight, when you start working with other kinds of nuts because the oil  in the nuts can differ.

However, it's not enough to worry about.

Once you get it blended to the consistency that you prefer, you have it right!
Again, I only use nuts.

No oil.

No salt.

No nothing.

I do like to lightly toast the almonds, pecans, and walnuts and cool completely before turning them into butter.

The cashews, however, I did not.

Just dumped them right in!


Mixed Nut Butter

1 cup of one nut
1 cup of another nut

Using the blade attachment, pour about 2 cups of roasted and cooled nuts in the container.

Attach the lid and turn the processor on high. 

My processor was able to make the almond butter without over-heating.  You will have to do what's best for your machine not to over heat, stop working, and possibly catch fire.  (OK, the catch fire part was just for a small chuckle.  But really, if your food processor can't work continuously, you'll have to stop and start this process.  It won't change the end product, it'll just take longer.)

Allow the almonds to be processed through the following stages:
  • dry nut meal
  • moist nut meal
  • it will finally clump together in a ball
At this point, you might become concerned.


Basically, the steps are now going to be worked through backwards, which is going to result in a terrific almond butter.
  • the ball of butter will now, S.L.O.W.L.Y begin to redistribute
  • you'll get anxious and want to add the oil.

Be patient!

  • Slowly, little by little, the oils begin to be fully released from the nuts and you'll begin to see the fruits nuts of your labor!
You'll have nut butter!

Smooth, creamy, and delicious!

Once the processor has done it's job, you may want your nut butter to be just a bit thinner.  If that's the case, slowly add the 1 tsp. of oil into the butter, with the processor on so that it's well incorporated.

Spoon your delicious treat into a container or jar.

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