Thursday, December 6, 2012

Small Problem

I'm having sort of a small problem.

I like to post with pictures.

I think it makes a difference.

Sometimes it's the picture that "sells" you!

But, I must admit, there are times when I see a picture and think, "No way!" 

 . . .and maybe that's what happens when I post pictures on the blog!
But back to my problem

I've tried to post some recipes with pictures, but I keep getting  a message that I'm out of space.

"Out of space?"

I don't even have "space."

So how am I out of it?

I'm confused!

No matter how many times I try, and keep clicking the button, hoping to fool the computer into thinking that something has changed, I keep losing the battle!
Not only am I posting a little less these days because of my schedule, but as of right now, unless I can borrow use some pictures from the internet -- my posts will be naked!

Bear with me (no pun intended!); I'll get it figured out.

It may not be until the Spring!

But as my dad used to say, "Ya got nuthin' but time!'

Until things change, keep reading the recipes and try something new! 

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