Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12 Days of Christmas

Ever since my cherubs were little cherubs;
since the time when we only had one cherub,
Mimi has been doing the 12 days of Christmas.
She stole  borrowed this idea from a friend at work.
Each day, starting on December 13, the cherubs get to open one gift each.
One little something.
One little treasure.
One little surprise that counts down to Christmas.
When the cherubs where small the gifts were a little easier.
Now the cherubs are bigger and the gifts are a little harder.
But Mimi is Mimi and nothing is impossible for Mimi!
Here's how it works:
Mimi wraps 12 small gifts for the boy cherub and 12 small gifts for the girl cherub.
Each gift is in its own gift sack
Each cherub has their own sack color/design.
Each day, each cherub can pick whatever sack they want to open.
They call Mimi in the morning and, while on the phone with her, they tear open the sack and tell her what their surprise of the day is!
It's that simple!
When the cherubs where small cherubs, Mimi would give 1 gift on the first day, 2 gifts on the second day, 3 gifts on the third day, etc, etc, etc!
Such as:  day one may have been one can of playdough, day two may have been a pair of socks, day three may have been three playdough tools, and day four may have been four quarters; and so it goes!
But now that they're older, that's too much work! 
Now it's things like their favorite gum, some slimy junk that you can throw and it'll look like yack, or some other crazy and fun trinket.
The idea is to keep it inexpensive and fun for the kids!
It's a fun way to celebrate Christmas!

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