Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Red, White, and Blueberry Chex Mix Treat

It's a 4th of July Celebration!

My girl cherub has been making plans for a week now of things to make; both food and decorations!
She's made the spread sheet, gathered ingredients, secured craft supplies and borrowed some much needed accessories and d├ęcor from a friend of hers.

That would be a grown up friend of hers who knows how to throw a party!

Last night, it was like a party company delivery at our house!

The patriotic bunting, baskets, and other goodies were dropped off to help my cherub achieve the best 4th of July party ever!

My cherub found a sweet snack treat on the internet and used the recipe as a guide for her own snack mix.  The jar she is serving it in is one of her entertaining creations too; thank goodness for google!  It's an endless supply of ideas!  She modified that too, and it's worked well!

For the jar, that she's using to serve a patriotic drink in, she dipped the rim in white dipping chocolate then rolled it in red and blue sugar and sprinkles and allowed it to dry.  She has the cutest red and white straws to serve with the drinks!

Now, for the sweet crunchy treat:

Red, White, and Blueberry Chex Mix Treat

1/2 bag of Chex cereal (she used the vanilla corn chex; you can use your favorite)
1  bag of dried blueberries (it was from walmart and it was a small bag)
1/2 bag of white chocolate chips
2 big scoops of craisins (she just used her hands and went by "looks!")
1/2 package of white chocolate coating, melted**

In a large bowl, place the cereal, blueberries, white chips, and craisins.  Stir it around and see if you like the ratio.  If not, add what you want!  That's what she did!

Pour the white chocolate coating over the cereal mix and stir until well coated.  Pour out onto wax paper or foil and allow the mixture to dry.  Break apart and place in serving dish.


**My cherub didn't want a lot of melting chocolate in her mix . . .. just enough to hold it together without it being too much. If you want more, then by all means, use more!  This is your treat!  Make it how you like it!

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