Monday, February 24, 2014

Coconut Oil

It wasn't that long ago when I strolled into a makeup bar.

I was just wasting time and having fun.

I picked out some new colors to try and the person helping me went to work on transforming my makeup look.

It was fun and I did like the new colors.

I even bought some things.

But during the play session, the sales person was telling me all about the "organic, simple" eye makeup remover.

I wasn't paying much attention until I heard, "there's only one ingredient!  How great is that for your skin?"

I chimed in, "What's that?"

Coconut oil.

While I did like the remover, I didn't buy any .  . . I wanted to buy color!

But I did tuck those little words away, " . . .only one ingredient; coconut oil."

Once home, I began to look into the use of coconut oil as a cleanser.

Sure enough!  It is widely regarded as an all-natural option in the health and beauty world!

One site I looked at suggested buying organic so that no harsh chemicals that might have been used in processing would end up on your face. 

I thought that was a great suggestion!

Here's also what I found about using coconut oil as apart of your beauty routine:

  • The lauric acid, capric acid and caprylic acid present in the coconut oil make the oil:  antioxidant, antifungal, antimicrobial and antibacterial in nature and helps to remove dirt, make-up and bacteria from the skin.
The other day, when the Mr. was heading to the store, I had him pick up a jar of organic coconut oil.


Do you know what the makeup bar was selling a VERY small container of coconut oil for?



I came home, scooped out a small amount into a container and put the pint size jar of coconut oil into the cabinet in the kitchen. 

You never know, I may want to make something yummy with my new-found makeup remover!

A little amount of the coconut oil, rubbed between your hands, will warm it up and emulsify it so that it's easy to rub across your eyes, or anywhere else you want to use this miracle!

Once I smeared it over my entire face, I used a clean wash cloth to remove any of the residue.

My face felt amazingly clean and smooth.

I'm sold!

Today, I was thinking:  I could make my own facial scrub and lip scrub with the coconut oil.

I am going to scoop out some more of the coconut oil into a small bowl and I'm going to mix brown sugar into it.  I'll make it the consistency that I prefer and I'll use that as a lip buffing sugar.  If I'm really fancy, I'll throw in some extract for a bit of smell . . . maybe coffee flavoring!

Then!  I'm going to scoop out some more of the coconut oil into another container and I'm going to mix in some white sugar.  Again, making it the consistency that I want and I'm going to mix in some almond extract and that's going to be my body sugar for the shower!

For $7.00, I can't mess things up too bad and I'm so excited to be able to be creative AND save money!

There are lots of great articles to read, but here is a link for some easy-to-read information about coconut oil in your beauty routine.

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