Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Ice Cream Bars

It's sad.

I'm cheap.

I kind of feel sorry for my cherubs.

For example:  why buy a dip of ice cream from my favorite ice cream store when I can buy a container of ice cream and get way more servings for not that much more money?

Sooooo!  Why would I buy chocolate dipped ice cream bars when I can make our own chocolate dipped ice cream bars at home?

Is it the same?

Uhhhh . . . .kinda!

OK -- do you remember the Primo "fragrance?"  The slogan was, "if you like Giorgio, then you'll LOVE Primo!"

This is sort of the same situation!

Lately, my girl cherub has been interested in buying a "dilly bar" from Dairy Queen.

First question to ask:  How does she know about "dilly bars?"

Answer:  I have no idea!

Here's how the conversation went:
  • "Hey mom, can we go to DQ and get a dilly bar?
  • "Well honey, I think we have ice cream bars at home."
  • "But mom, it's not a dilly bar!"
  • "True . . .but it's already paid for!"
  • "Yeah, but it's not a dilly bar!"
  • "Well, what makes it a dilly bar?"
  • "It's dipped in chocolate!"
  • "OK!  I've got some homemade magic shell stuff --- I can make you a dilly bar!"
  • "Yeah, but it won't be the same!"
  • "Huh?  Tell me how!"
  • "It won't be round!"
  • "Oh well!  I guess you'll eat it anyways!"
  • "Yeah!"

We came home, I grabbed the ice cream bars from the freezer, along with the homemade magic shell that was tucked away in the refrigerator and I got busy!

I slowly heated the hardened magic shell in the microwave until it was pourable.

You remember, magic shell harden when it gets cold!
That's why it's perfect for this after-school snack project!

Once the magic shell was squeezable, I unwrapped the ice cream bar and placed in on a plate.

I outlined the ice cream bar and filled in with the magic shell and put it in the freezer.

I left it there for a just a jiff.

Well, probably like 3 minutes.

Then, I took it out, turned it over and did the same thing on the plain side.

I shoved it back into the freezer, just to firm up the magic shell.

I got it out and proudly,

I mean P.R.O.U.D.L.Y

handed it to my cherub!

She ate it and liked it!

 . . .Even though it wasn't round!

Guess what she did the next day when she got into the car after school?

"Hey mom!  Will you make me another ice cream bar for a snack today?


This afternoon, I worked ahead!  I made a few extra . . .

just to have for another afternoon!

Here's the link to your own homemade chocolate magic shell!

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