Friday, March 23, 2012

Chocolate Magic Shell

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I have always liked chocolate dipped cones.


On a Summer day, there is no doubt, they are messy.

But they're great.

There's an art to eating a chocolate dipped cone.

First, you bite the very top off of the chocolate.

This allows you to suck some of the soft-serve ice cream from the inside of the chocolate shell.

But you have to be careful or the chocolate shell will crack and some will fall in on itself, and the other bits will fall onto the ground.

Those pieces on the ground are gone forever.

And that's sad.

But once you have removed just the right amount of soft-serve ice cream, you then bit the chocolate shell again, being careful to only get a small amount.

Then you suck more ice cream out.

You continue this pattern . . .

Very quickly.

Because it's a hot day and everybody knows that the chocolate is not a strong fortified shell and there's always at least one tiny hole.

A small place where the chocolate didn't set up right on the soft-serve ice cream.

It's from there where the ice cream leak starts.

Then you have to lick that spot.

Then the ice cream starts melting from the point of which the chocolate shell and cone meet -- where there is no tight seal -- it's from there the ice cream can start melting all over your hands and you have to lick very quick.

There are only 2 things that can possibly make this ice cream adventure "better:"
  1.  and that's to be either driving the car
  1. you thought it would be fun to buy your small cherub their own chocolate dipped ice cream cone, while you had one too, on a VERY hot summer day.  Your cherub clearly doesn't understand the science of eating the chocolate dipped ice cream cone you have to "save" their ice cream cone by eating it and sucking the melted soft-serve ice cream, yet offering them bites so they feel like it's their treat and telling them how to eat the cone, all the while taking care of your very own ice cream cone.  And after all your work, they don't appreciate the experience you've given to them . . .after all, you've eaten 2 chocolate dipped ice cream cones, for the sake of an adventure!

WOW!  That was cathartic!

Here's how to make your very own chocolate for a dipped cone!

Chocolate Magic Shell

1/2 cup Coconut oil, solid
1 1/4 Chocolate chips

Place the coconut oil and chocolate chips in a microwave safe bowl.

Melt the ingredients, stopping periodically to stir the ingredients together.  The oil will melt faster than the chips, but give short bursts of microwave time, stirring thoroughly between heatings.  The heat from the oil will melt the chips.  Do not "over heat" the mixture.  Spend more time stirring than heating!  You don't want to ruin your mixture.

Pour the cooled melted mixture into a microwave safe container.  I used a Wilton squeeze bottle.

Store chocolate in the refrigerator.  Because it's similar to "magic shell" it will harden when it's cold.

When you are ready to serve, simple heat the bottle in the microwave, just a bit, to return the chocolate to it's original pourable state.  Again, do not over-heat or it will ruin the chocolate.

Squeeze over ice cream and it will harden . . .or pour the melted chocolate into a bowl where you can dunk an ice cream cone and create your own chocolate dipped cone!

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