Friday, March 9, 2012

Coffee Flavoring from King Arthur

Coffee Flavor - 1 oz.
Image from King Arthur website

I have said it before.

I love King Arthur products.

I have to thank Benjamin , his mom, and Ms. Gladys. . .
they spoiled me to the finer things of King Arthur.

Now, I'm a convert.

Tried and true!

For Christmas, I asked for a bunch of different
King Arthur flavorings.

Sad, but true.

Even better, I got them!

How cheap is that --
I took the catalogue, circled the flavorings my heart desired, left a note for the Mr., highlighting when the "free shipping dates" were and viola!  Got myself some flavorings!

One of the flavors I wanted was the Coffee.
It's not an extract, but rather a flavoring.

"What's the difference?" you say.
"I don't know!"  I reply!

The website says "Flavorings," so I don't want
to mislead.

But truthfully, I'd say extract!

The coffee, though, is great!

I've added it to many things chocolate and even a caramel frosting.

Next will be ice cream.

Doesn't that sound good?  With maybe some chocolate chunks?

I love the low mellow-ness of the flavor.

It's not all "in your face coffee flavor."
It's just a depth.

I like it!

Get yourself a bottle to see if you like it too!

Tell them Karen sent you . . .
they won't care, but wouldn't that be funny?

Disclaimer:  It might surprise you, but I receive nothing from King Arthur to say nice things about their products.  Nothing.  Zilch.  Nada. 

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