Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Walk to Wisdom


When we first arrived in Dallas,

there was a fellow pastor who loaded the Mr. into the car and said,

"Let's go to Bonton."

The Mr. spent the day in this area of far, South Dallas,

learning about a ministry called H.I.S. Bridgebuilders.

Fast-forward nearly 5 years.

At our school, high school students have the week before Spring Break to participate in, "Minimester."

Short synopsis:  it's a week to go on a mission trip.

As a Freshman baseball player, my boy cherub went to Bonton . . .

the place where the Mr. first toured.

When the Baseball boys and two mom chaperons arrived in Bonton, a man named Trog met us there.

Trog impressed my boy cherub.

Trog has his own look,

wears a leather knife holder . . . and knife,

and gardens as apart of his ministry.

In this inner city ministry, Trog cultivates both produce and disciples.

This resonated with my boy cherub,

who feels his own call to full-time ministry, but doesn't believe, at this point it is to work within the structure of a church building.

Through our week in Bonton, and Trog's example, my son was seeing how God's call can defy all "normal" expectations.

We worked with Trog for the entire week;

turning composite,

cleaning chicken coops,

building raised beds,

and seeing first-hand what it means to not only be a minister, but be ministered to.

Because of our time in Bonton, my boy cherub has a unique place in his heart for the area.

My boy cherub has been back to Bonton, not with Trog, but in other capacities.

So why do I write about something that happened nearly a year ago?

Because, as a mom, watching Trog work with our Baseball boys,

and as a fellow believer, listening to Trog speak truth to the boys,

and to the people of the community that would meander around,

I saw Trog's heart.

Trog has recently written a book,

"A Walk to Wisdom-- 31 Days Through Proverbs."

Here's the link:

Go look:

Read his biography.

Follow him on twitter.

Order his book.

Not only will your life be changed,

but so will the lives of others, as the proceeds of the sale of the book are being returned to the community in which Trog ministers.

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