Thursday, December 11, 2014

Plum Chicken

Oh my word!

How do the days between Thanksgiving and Christmas seem like a never-ending roller coaster that's out of control?


I need to get in control of this!

During these holiday weeks, if my family gets dinner, we're lucky.

I'm not talking balance.

Or even including a vegetable!

I'm talking, if there's something that resembles a meal, there's  no complaining!

We don't go and grab when it's hectic.

It's still easier and far cheaper for me to fix something at home.

The other night, I made this for me and the cherubs because the Mr. wasn't at home.

It was so good that I made it again, two nights later!

It is so forgiving!

Since being gluten free, there are some things we miss.

Chinese food is one of them!

This filled the void!

Plum Chicken

Chicken breasts, cubed
garlic powder
corn starch
2-3 egg whites, whisked
plum jelly
sriracha sauce

For the 4 of us, I used 3 chicken breasts.

Take the cubed chicken breasts and season with a bit of salt, pepper, and garlic powder.

Place whisked egg whites in a shallow bowl.  Number of egg whites depends on how large the eggs are!

Place 1/4 cup of corn starch in a shallow bowl or plate.

Dip the chicken cubes in the egg wash, then toss in the corn starch.

Place on a plate.

Heat oil in the bottom of a skillet.  You'll want more oil than if sauteing, but I didn't deep fry the nuggets.  I wasn't up for that . . . the Mr. wasn't home to clean up after me!

While not over crowding the pan, place a portion of the nuggets in the hot pan. Cook thoroughly, turning the chicken to brown on all sides.

Remove from the pan and keep warm on a plate.

Mix the plum jelly with a wee bit of sriracha sauce.  I used about 4 heaping table spoons of jelly with about 1 tsp. of sriracha sauce.  My girl cherub can't do much heat.

Place the cooked nuggets in a bowl and pour the sauce over the nuggets, tossing until coated.

Serve with cooked rice;  . . . and that's only if you have time!

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