Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Hot 'tella

I honestly don't know what we did before Nutella.


I don't know who's worse:  the Mr. or the girl cherub.

Truth be told:  it's the Mr.

He will categorically deny it,

but I know the truth!

Many years ago, when my parents were celebrating their 20th anniversary, I believe,

my dad sent my mom on a European trip.

Yes,  . . .sent.

He stayed home.

He never had any desire to leave the states.

He liked to travel,

but going over-seas, was of no interest to him.

Now, hook up an R.V. behind his truck and he was a happy camper.

No pun intended!

Off to Europe my mom goes with a traveling group and she brought back all sorts of treats.

One being this "chocolate in a jar."

Yep!  It was Nutella.

But that was before you could readily find it in any store in America.

Fast-forward to a husband who loves chocolate and he fosters the same indulgence to his daughter.

We have a jar of this stuff in the pantry all the time!

On our recent get-away, the Mr. saw some recipe using this in a hot chocolate.

Since we were traveling,

we had limited supplies . . .

but thankfully we had the Nutella!

Being married to one who likes to cook,

he tried his hand at "adapting" a recipe!

His adaptation involved cutting the recipe down to two simple ingredients:

milk and Nutella.

I honestly liked it!

It actually reminded me of hot chocolate that we had at Angelina's.

It's rich and creamy . . .


Hot Nutella

2 cups milk
2-3 spoonfuls of Nutella

Pour milk into a pan, place on low heat.

Add the Nutella.  Stir until the milk is hot and the Nutella is melted.

Taste.  If it needs more chocolate taste, add a bit more Nutella.


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