Thursday, February 25, 2016

Glazed Nuts

Have I ever told you how much we love all kinds of nuts?

Not that we are nuts . . . although, that might be debatable!

But our entire family loves all kinds of nuts.

Now -- there are some of us, who shall remain nameless, who prefer the more "expensive" nuts.

Like walnuts or pistachios.

Some prefer cashews and pecans.

But in October -- there are only 2 who will search out dry roasted peanuts to pair with candy corn.

While making a salad recently, I wanted to put some candied glazed nuts in the salad.

You know the kind -- they're thin slivered almonds, usually, that are found at your local store.

I didn't have any of those; which, to be truthful, I haven't bought those in a very long time.

But needless to say, I became a wee bit demanding in my mind that I wanted glazed nuts for our salad.

So I made some.

I've posted something similar, nearly 4 years ago, if you are interested in such.

Today, though, I did a quick cook of whole pecans.

This recipe will work for almost any nut . . .except your family nut!  :)

Glazed Nuts

1 cup pecans* (I used whole)
1 1/2 TBSP butter (not margarine)
1/4 cup sugar

In a sauté pan, over medium low heat, add the ingredients to the pan.  Stir the ingredients to begin to distribute the sugar.

Continue stirring until the butter melts.  Don't stop stirring!  Keep your eyes on the prize here!  Continue to stir until the sugar melts and the liquid coats the nuts. Don't get over complicated here -- if you aren't careful, the sugar will begin to burn; then you have a mess and you're mad at yourself!

Remove from heat and pour the glazed pecans onto was paper, using your spatula to separate any large clumps of nuts.

Allow to cool completely before devouring!
*I've also done walnuts

Salad:  Spinach, chopped purple onion, segmented grapefruit, glazed pecans, grilled chicken, dressing of your choice (Recommendation:  pear and gorgonzola vinaigrette dressing by light house)

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