Monday, January 24, 2011

Gotta Git One!

This may seem like it's comin' outta left field!  But I've got to tell you about a secret that you gotta git!  A cast iron skillet!  I'm serious!  Do you have one of these?  Do you use it?  Really, cast iron is great!  It's not great for everything, but it's great for the things it's great for!  That's soundin' biblical, isn't it!

Most of us remember cast iron.  I remember my dad cooking  . . .uh, let's try fryin' in a cast iron skillet.  Umm, let's pause here and learn to say "iron" correctly.  If you're sayin' it where we can "hear" all of the letters, you're not sayin' it right!  It's more like "arn."  If you need to hear the correct pronunciation, just listen to Paula Deen! 

Back to the secret ingredient -- cast iron!  Seriously -- these pans do their job!  Last night I made a queso that could win any throw-down!  The secret -- the skillet!  Cast iron cooks hot, it's easy to clean, and get's better with age! 

Owning cast iron is a privelege -- really!  Once you learn to use it, and it's not hard, you're goin' love it!  Seriously!  You may be thinkin' "what's the big deal?"  There's a reason your grandparents used the stuff!  It's just great!  Not that it should be the only arsenal in your kitchen, but you should own at least one piece!  A 10" skillet is a good place to start; in my humble 'pinion!

Here's some tips to takin' care of your cast iron

Wash and dry your pan.

Coat the pan in and out with bacon grease or lard.

Place in the oven for two hours.

Repeat this process several times to get a strong coat over the iron.

Right after you cook with the pan, as soon as it is cool enough to touch, wipe out the food remnants with a towel and rinse with hot water. Place the pan upside down over the burner that you used to cook on (the burner should still be a little warm). This will help the pan dry faster.

Re-season the pan periodically or if it gets rusty (scrub the rust off first with a scratchy pad.
Warning:  Do not wash your pan with soap or a scratchy pad - that would take off the protective coating that you worked so hard to get.

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