Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day Treat

I love being a mom . . .

 . . .on most days!

It's hard work and it's scary to think about the huge responsibility that it really is!

I always say, "Having a baby is easy, it's the raising of children that's hard."

I have two wonderful cherubs.

If I could freeze them just as they are right now, I'd do it in a heart beat.

This is my boy cherub and he's 12.

This is my girl cherub and she's 9.

They made me breakfast in bed on Mother's Day.  The Mr. had already headed to the church and he left them to cook! 

I was treated to scrambled eggs . . .

 . . .that weren't quit done.

Cinnamon toast . . .

 . . .that had a little lot too much cinnamon and not enough sugar.

Sausage . . .

 . . .that the Mr. cooks ahead of time and freezes. So they warmed that up nicely.

And some coffee . . .

 . . .with no creamer.

And it all tasted delicious!

After they delivered my breakfast to me, they fixed their breakfast and climbed in bed with me and we ate together.

There were other treats from my cherubs -- but nothing is more valuable to me than those things that money can not buy.

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