Friday, May 13, 2011

Red, White, and Blue Cupcakes

My boy cherub has been apart of the Honor Guard at school this year.

This privilege is reserved for 6th graders.

He and his partner are responsible to lower the flag every day during their week.

They were trained by the local fire department honor guard as to how to do their task correctly as well as responsibly and reverently.

Today is their end of year party with pizza and drink.

Of course, moms were needed to provide dessert.

This mom didn't mind a bit to get the request yesterday . . .and run home before picking the kids up from school and delivering everybody to their after-school-activity, and whip up some cupcakes!

Oh no!  What fun that would be!

And not just plain cupcakes with plain frosting!

Oh no!  Let's try to do something we've never tried before!

Of course!  That would be the stressful way of creating the "oh, no big deal to send treats" kind of cupcake!

My cherub gets tired of chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting.

I made yummy vanilla cupcakes with white frosting .  . . .
 . . . .with the idea of making red, white, and blue "striped" frosting . . .
 . . . since it was for the Honor Guard kids!

So, these are the cupcakes I sent this morning with the cherub.

While he was walking to the car, I yelled out, "Please tell your friends these are NOT from Kroger . . .that your mom really did make these!"

From start to finish -- just under an hour; I wasn't even late picking the cherubs up from school!  Not bad for a first attempt at striped frosting!  Even if they look a little "store bought!"

How to stripe your frosting
  • Fit your piping bag with coupler and tip
  • With a small paint brush and using icing colorant (I use Americolor), paint stripes inside the bag -- from the point of the coupler, up the bag about 3/4 of the way
  • Carefully fill your bag with frosting, and gently squeeze the icing to begin flow
  • Frost as usual
  • **Since I was using 2 colors, I made 4 red stripes, equally spaced and then placed 4 blue stripes in between the red

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