Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rootin' Shootin' Good Times

City livin' can be for the birds! 
Sometimes you have to go out and create your own fun!

 . . .and that always involves b.b guns!

My girl cherub -- waiting her turn.

My boy cherub -- walkin' to the shootin' line.
To make it fair, everybody shoots from the same spot!

Lookin' down the barrel as my girl cherub takes aim.

Not one of my cherub's -- but he could be! 
I'm old enough to be his mother! 
That's devastating!
He's a college kid that's livin' with us this Summer.
My cherub's L.O.V.E havin' him here!

My boy cherub -- using his sister's pink gun!
All man-hood has been put aside!

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