Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dried Cilantro Seasoning

When I make salsa, we like a lot of cilantro in the mix.

The problem with cilantro is this:

When I buy it, I'm not always in the mood to make salsa


When I'm ready to make salsa, the cilantro isn't always in the mood to be used.

It looks gross


limp and brown around the edges.

I call that "cilantro pouting!"

THEN!  I found the most amazing thing:  Cilantro in a box!

It's like the chicken bouillon cubes that we all used (and maybe still do).

The good thing about this remarkable find is that it's ready whenever I am!

No brown edges and no droopy leaves.

There are two things that you need to know about using this miracle cilantro:  if you're looking for the green cilantro leaves to be making their debut in your salsa, then you'll have to know they're not making that curtain call.  But I don't let that bother me!  I look at it as saving money -- at least I'm not throwing out a bunch of unused cilantro! Also, I think it takes more cubes than what the directions suggest.  That's because we like a lot of cilantro taste.

I found this little box of treasure on the Hispanic aisle of the grocery store!

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  1. Great find! My cilantro was outing the other day and I had to toss it having never used it.

    I just found this blog of yours and I know I will found some treasures!

    Amy Villa