Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Egg-cellent Gift-Giving Idea

Last week, my cherub went to a birthday party.

Here's what stresses me out about 10 year old girl parties:

 .  . .the gift!

There are so many choices . . .
and kids have so much these days . . .

Point is this:  I really prefer to give money.

But giving "just money" isn't very fun.

So, on a whim, my cherub and I came up with this money-giving idea.

She decorated an egg carton!

Together, we tore up 3 coordinating printed papers into pieces.

Not tiny pieces -- just pieces.

She then used mod podge to glue the paper on, in random patterns.

Once it was glued on, she put another coat over the entire outer surface.

She let it dry over night.

Then we took colored plastic eggs and filled each one with money.
Put a little card in it that said "Happy Birthday" and that was it!

There you go!

Gift is done!

And it was cute!

And my cherub did it by herself.

This concept can be translated to other means items . . .not just egg cartons . . .
which by the way, since the birthday party was on Easter weekend, it made perfect sense!

Some of you craft-loving, glue-gun-waving people are probably saying, "that's so yesterday!" 
And you're right!

Many of you have already let your mind run wild with the possibilities of paper and mod podge . . . while I'm just thrilled I even had a jar of the stuff in the game closet!  Clearly, it was an oversight from when I cleaned out the junk! 

What I liked about this idea:
  • it up-cycled or re-cycled -- or whatever the new term is now these days
  • it was different than the other gifts that were there .  . . and we like being different
  • my cherub did it -- a great learning experience
If you're into crafting, or not, maybe my cherub and I have inspired you to try a new project . . . or maybe you can see our limited ability and give us a suggestion of something else to use mod podge with! 

Either way, here's to a little creativity!

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