Friday, April 6, 2012

It's a Tie

Our boy cherub is in a new phase of life.

The teenage years.



This week he wore, for the first time, a tie.

He and the Mr. went shopping and brought home 4 shirts and 4 ties.

No pants.

My cherub selected the shirt and tie that he liked best with his khaki uniform pants.

He got dressed.

He felt "weird."

He looked handsome.

He wore his dad's shoes this day.

There's something sobering to watch your boy walk out the door in his dad's shoes . . .

When we watched our cherub walk across the stage, we were so proud of him!  He is
  • far more funnier than we could ever try to be.
  • far smarter than we could ever imagine.
  • far more grounded than we could have hoped.
  • far more humble than we have taught.
  • far more than we deserve.
Son, you know:  "You're my favorite little boy!" 

Here are some pictures of my cherub getting ready for the induction ceremony.

The Mr. had no time to teach his cherub
how to master the tie . . .
when all else fails, let dad do it!

The Mr. and his boy after the event.
Don't look at the Mr.'s shirt -- it'll make
your eyes go crazy!

Oh my word, he's the cutest thing ever!

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