Monday, September 10, 2012

To the Pointe

My girl cherub loves to dance.
Specifically, she loves ballet.
She's been dancing for a few years now.
And one of her dreams has come true!
Pointe Shoes!
Last Friday was her fitting for her first pair of pointe shoes.

The studio where she dances had a "pointe party"
for all of the girls who are getting their first pair of shoes.
These four girls are friends and dance together!

This little "diddy" is an important part of pointe shoes.
It makes your pointe shoes more comfy.
Sort of!
Her first slip of the pointe shoe onto her foot!
I wish you could see her smile!
It was impressive!

Being fitted for shoes requires some
expert knowledge!
Getting it right is a must!

Look close!  This is her first time
"Up on pointe!"

She was very nervous!
And excited!

A little more fitting to make sure
the shoe is right!
She tried on more than 10 pairs of pointe
shoes to find the perfect fit!

Her first pair of pointe shoes have been bought!
This is my cherub with her two ballet teachers.
Ms. Leia and Mrs. Shields.
My cherub adores both of them and they are
helping her reach her ballet dreams!

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