Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day
to my Mr.
You are just who we need;
designed that way by God!
When a dad is doing "his job,"
then his kids rightfully give him the title,
"Best Dad in the World!"
Here's to our "Best Dad in the World!"
You give us more than a place to live;
you give us a home.
You give us more than just good times;
you help us make memories.
You take the time to teach us;
You give us love;
and plenty of opportunities to laugh . . .
sometimes with you and sometimes at you!
You don't do everything perfectly . . . .
and that's ok!
You have embraced the two gifts God has given us;
made no excuses,
and you have given it your all!
You've taken the opportunity of being a father
and turned it into the privilege of becoming a dad!
All of our love!
The Cherubs and me!

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