Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A New Trinket

Every year, when we go to Red River, New Mexico, we always stop at the same places along the way.

One of our very favorite places to stop is Gladstone, New Mexico.  There's only one thing there:  The Gladstone Mercantile.

It is a stop in the road.

Gladstone Mercantile - Gladstone, NM

Here's their population sign


There used to be a mercantile store and a post office.

They closed the post office!

The mercantile store is still there.

This might surprise you, but it's family owned and operated!

The lady who runs it doesn't live in Gladstone.

But her parents do!

And their neighbors.

That makes 5!

We always stop to go to the bathroom,

buy a package of homemade cookies,

and my mom always buys a years supply of these pot scrubber things.

The have a ton of homemade goodies and canned goods.

The serve lunch to the local ranchers and serve the vacationers who are onto bigger destinations.

Once the post office closed, the mercantile took over the little room for antiques and what-nots.

That's where I found this treasure!
For $3.00, I just had to have it!

It's an antique metal funnel! 

I put it on my quart jars and it makes filling them so much easier!

I love stopping in Gladstone, and I love my new toy!

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