Thursday, January 2, 2014

Sweet Heat Apricot Dip

While the parties may be over,

football bowl games are not!

Perhaps you're having a few of your favorite people over to watch your team win . . .

or in our case, lose!

It'll be a sad game tonight!

But while the game may not be too much fun,

this dip will be great to have as people arrive and stand around the kitchen!

It's super easy and there's no measuring!

Just mix it up until it tastes good to you and serve!

I love recipes like that, don't you?

Sweet Heat Apricot Dip

1- 8oz cream cheese, softened
2-4 TBSP Apricot preserves, (really it's to taste)
2-4 TBSP Sweet jalapenos, chopped (really, it's to taste again.  "Best Maid" is the brand I buy)

In a bowl, with a mixer, cream the softened cream cheese until smooth.  Add the amount of apricot preserves.  Start with 2 TBSP and go from there.  Add in and mix until well incorporated. 

Begin by adding in 1 TBSP of the chopped sweet jalapenos and mix well.  Add more if you'd like more sweet heat, add in additional peppers and mix well.

Chill until ready to serve.

Serve with tortilla chips or buttery crackers.  If you're gluten free, select an appropriate chip or cracker to serve with the dip.

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