Tuesday, January 7, 2014


I'm not much on resolutions.

Never have been.

However, each year there are things that I want to achieve, change, or try.

Maybe that's a resolution but I just don't call it such!

This year I sought something different.

This year, each of us prayed and asked the Lord for a word.

Our own word.

Our word for the year.

A word that we would each come to hold dear.

To cherish.

A word, that right now might be understood one way,

but by the end of the year might have an entirely different meaning.

A truth.

At dinner we each reviled our word and defined it,

as we understood it to that point.





To hear the Mr. and my cherub's say their word and describe it . . .it was amazing!

When I gave my word, "home" to my family I said to this,

"I'm not really wanting this word.  I don't even really know if this is my word for this year, so I may change it!  But I think it's my word because every time I ask the Lord, this is the word that continues to rise among the rest.  I've asked for a different word and I haven't gotten it yet!"

So here it is --"home." 

I almost said it apologetically.


But since then, the Lord has confirmed to me that this year, I will focus on "home."

What I have already learned from my word is this:

Home is where we are most vulnerable.

Home is where we let our guard down.

Home is where I must fortify, build up, and protect.

Our words we wrote on our feet.


Because we will stand, together, on what the Lord tells us.

We will walk, in faith, where the Lord leads us.

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