Monday, March 17, 2014

Adobo Chili Won Ton Crisps

We crave Mexican food.

I honestly think we could eat it every day.

Tex-Mex is good,

but we also love authentic Mexican food.

Simple, basic; delicious!

We also love mock-Mexican food.

You know -- Mexican-ish!

The thoughts of Mexican, but not really!

That's what we had the other night for dinner.

I was making good use of the grilled chicken that was in the freezer

and the green chilies we roasted and froze from the Summer.

I was also making a "sort-of" Spanish rice to put with the chicken.

My boy cherub whipped up some salsa to go with it;

Which made me think we needed chips.

Kind of like an appetizer!

The cherubs are out of school for Spring Break and I like the idea of us all hanging around the kitchen, snacking and cooking together.

We were out of corn chips!


What to do!

It was cold outside and I was not going to the store just for chips!

Then I remembered there were won ton wrappers in the refrigerator.

I cut them,

heated the oil,

and my boy cherub cooked the won tons crisp.

As he pulled them from the hot oil,

I sprinkled them with a mixture of adobo seasoning and chili powder.

It was fun to cook with my cherub

and to make something a little different!

Adobo Chili Won Ton Crisps

Won ton Wrappers, cut into triangles
Oil, enough to float the wrappers
adobo seasoning
chili powder

Cut the won ton wrappers into eights.

Heat the oil in a sauce pan.

Test the oil by dropping the corner of the wrapper in.  If it "fries" then the oil is hot enough.

Gently add one wrapper at a time.  Cook on one side, then flip to the other.

When browned, remove from the oil and quickly sprinkle with seasoning.

Serve with dip, salsa, or enjoy by themselves.


I totally didn't measure; I put more adobo seasoning than chili powder. 

I mixed the two together in a bowl and sprinkled by the pinch full as my cherub removed the wrappers from the oil, that way the seasoning sticks to the hot won ton wrapper.

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