Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Gluten Free Flour Substitute

Just what everybody wants, right?


Gluten free is a buzz word.

Current diets are based on it.

But for many, gluten free isn't just a diet, it's relief!

We've been on a journey with my boy cherub.

It's been difficult,

with many unanswered questions . . .

until now!

We know that gluten is not his friend.

Gluten makes him sick.

Some day soon,

when there's more time,

I'll share a bit of our journey.

Right now, though, I want to share this recipe.

For some, you'll be glad.

You've decided that you're willing to jump into the world of gluten free baking.

For others, you don't even need this.

That's OK -- tuck it away for another day.

One of these days, we might be coming to your house for dinner,

and you'll be stressing out,

and you'll remember this recipe.

You'll decide to mix this up and make a ton of gluten free desserts just to show how much you love us!

Gluten Free Flour Substitute

4 cups rice flour (either white or brown.  I use white)
1 1/3 cup potato starch (NOT potato flour . . .that's completely different!)
2/3 cups tapioca flour (or starch . . .it's the same thing!)

Mix all of the ingredients in a large bowl.

Use a whisk to thoroughly stir together.

Place in an air tight container.

Yields 6 cups of substitute.

Substitute is 1:1


  1. very interesting - thank you. I wonder how it tastes and if you bake a cake or cookies with it does it have the same texture as regular flour? I've tried stuff like almond flour and sometimes it seems "spongy" compared to regular. DD

  2. I have found this to be a very favorable substitute; even making delicious gluten free bread with it! I prefer it over the almond flour, which, as you say, does change the texture! I have substituted this in several of my recipes with good results. It isn't exactly like gluten-filled flour, but it sure is nice to know we don't have to give up everything completely! One thing to remember is this: sometimes you have to do more than substitute gluten free flour, you have to add Xanthum gum, arrowroot, vinegar, etc to help with the gluten-free baking process. If you give this a try, I hope you'll find it to be a pleasant alternative!