Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Learning Styles

I remember studying different learning styles while in graduate school.  I totally believe we have a preferred way of learning; and consequently, when given those preferred opportunities, we are able to devour our material. 

With that said . . .

The other day, I was needing to help both of our cherubs with up-coming tests.  My youngest cherub was THRILLED when I pulled out the "Barbisol," as she calls it, so that she could work on her spelling words.  She has always loved playing in shaving cream, and while I don't do it often enough, it's always a fun way for her to practice some rather mundane skills.  I know it makes a mess -- but if you haven't tried it, pick up a cheap can of men's shaving cream and watch your kids get excited about spelling . . .or math . . .or anything else you need to work on with them!

Preparing the work space

It's a "full-hand" experience!

You gotta keep the writing finger clean!

So while she's working on her spelling words at the kitchen bar,
my son is working on his history test -- 

 . . .and does anyone remember the answer to this question?!
While this inter-active review was from his teacher -- the point is that there are some great learning tools/games that be can found on-line to help kids with spelling, English, and math, just to name a few.

Here are some sites that we use: (choose 'fun for girls', then choose the tab, 'activities' -- you can make flashcards!)

Have Fun!

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