Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Table

This is my Spring table.  It's in my formal dining room.  Why do we have a
"formal" dining room . . .that we NEVER use . . .so that we can have a
pretty decorated table to look at!

This Spring, I used black, white, silver, cream, and glass.
Added in a bit of Spring flowers and a bit of grass to
get an airy look.

The silver was what I had stashed under the china cabinet.
For the dishes, I went to the Goodwill store and bought
mix and match plates and bowls.  I even found a couple
of silver trays to use as chargers.  For less than $10.00
I bought what I needed to get "the look."

My silver teapot holds some silverware, some wispy grass and a bird.

You can never have enough birds!  They're so cute! 
You can tuck them  . . .and nestle them . . .they're just

You'll need some "Reindeer Moss" to use around your table (that's
what you see pecking out of the white bird nest).  It's a great filler.
Also, see the hourglass in the background . . .that's a fun thing
to have too!

This is on the side table by all the other stuff.  I kept the theme by
using the silver, white, glass, a bit of black, and some Spring flowers.

A great site to look at is for some wonderful ideas about decorating!

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