Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Roarin' 20's!

The other day I was having to get a prescription filled.  I had taken the time to fill out all of the necessary info on the little piece of paper so that they could verify I am who I say I am!  My doctor had filled out my name and birthday . . .

 . . .and that's where it gets funny!

The pharmacy tech had made eye contact with me SEVERAL times.  Did I say she had made eye contact with me SEVERAL times?  So, when she verified my birthday as October, 1920, I about died! 


Did you just say, "1920?" 

I laughed out loud, like not even trying to hide the fact that I thought that was a stupid comment, and I told her, "If I were born in 1920, I wouldn't be driving -- my kids would have taken my keys away!"

That would have made me 91 years old!


You know what -- I should have said, "Yeah -- don't I look darn good for my age!"

Born:  October, 1920!

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