Thursday, June 16, 2011

I Made This!

I made this!

I can't believe that something I painted
turned out "hanging worthy!"

The other day, my girl cherub and I
went with some friends to a pottery place.

The girls painted.

Then, we two moms decided it might be fun
to paint something too.

I went cheap . . .who knew if it would
turn out looking right!

It did!

I think these would make cute
Christmas tree ornaments,
or gift tags (which would be part of the gift)
or some other kind of fun treat!

Here's what I did with mine.

You know when people come over to your house
and they always want to know where to put the trash?

If you say, "pull the door to the left of the sink" . . .
all of those cabinet doors look the same.

So, now I'll say, "the cabinet door with the "M."
Because "M" could stand for my last initial . . .
or it could stand for "ME!" 

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