Thursday, May 17, 2012

Six Days 'til Different

6 days and counting . . .

until we get out of school.

Yes, that's a collective "we."

As in "me and the kids."

Sure, the Mr. too, but it's more "me."

I'm the one who keeps it organized into controlled chaos.

These last couple of weeks have been a beating.

A real beating!

 . . .and talk about beating, let me just mention the financial beating!

It's a fund raiser here and a fund raiser there

and money for this activity and money for that

and nothing is cheap anymore.


Our Summer is already filling up and I already have a "Summer Slump" guide for my cherubs -- a little reading, a smidge of math, and a bit of keyboarding practice;

but what I'm looking forward to is slowing down!

No more lunches to pack,
no more backpacks sitting by the back door.

No more uniforms to wash and press,
no more projects to complete.

Just a few weeks of different!

And different is good!

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