Thursday, July 5, 2012

Red River Lodging

Last year, on our back porch at Cooper King Lodge.
This is not a paid advertisement.

This is not even a compensated advertisement.

I'm doing it because we love where we stay.

Yesterday's post about Red River and the food made me think about where we lodge.

It's called Cooper King Lodge.

It's on the river.

At the end of the street.

The staff is fantastic!  I'm not even kidding!

Clay and Michelle are the owners, and they are great!

The cleaning staff is friendly and efficient!

Our two favorite units to stay in are #11 or #14.

That's just our preference!

Here's some things we like about Cooper King:
  1. Clean, clean, clean.
  2. Self-contained units:  linens, all-but-the-food in the kitchen, t.v., etc.
  3. Non-smoking rooms and no pets.  As in, the entire lodge.
  4. Hot tub.
  5. BBQ grills available.
  6. Walk to everything in town.
Red River is cool!  Literally!  It's July 5 and I just looked at the current weather at 9:30 in the morning, and it's 50 degrees!

50 degrees!!!

Why do you want to stay in the Summer heat when you can go there . . .

 . . .and stay here!  At Cooper King Lodge!

Here's the link to their website.  You can look at photos, check out the rates, and make a reservation!

The deer just roam in and out of town . . . this deer was by
our back porch last year.  My cherubs followed it all around
the lodge taking pictures and trying to pet it.

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