Monday, July 9, 2012

Southwest Corn Dip

My mom made this for the 4th of July celebration.

This recipe is from a friend of hers . . . .

who got it from a friend . . . .

and so the cycle goes!

After I tasted this corn dip, I hopped on the computer lickety-split fast and asked permission to post.

Thankfully, she said yes!

You are SO lucky!

We've probably all had the corn dip with the mayo and onion and fritos.

It's good.

But I'm thinking this one is better!

I like the black beans in this one.

Maybe that's the secret!

I'm not sure.

Maybe it's because I thought of another way to use this salad.

I'll show you that next!

I didn't make this recipe, but what I do know is that it makes a big bowl!

I think it would be easily halved.  I would use the can of black beans and I would omit the jalapenos but use the entire 4 ounce can of green chilies.

You look at the recipe and see if you agree.

If not, just make it, share it, and enjoy it!

Southwest Corn Dip

4 cans Corn (15 Oz.), Drained
1 can Chopped Chilies (4 Oz), Drained
1 can Chopped Jalapenos (4 Oz), Drained
1 can Black Beans (15 Oz. Can), Drained And Rinsed
1 whole Red Bell Pepper, chopped
1 bunch Scallions, Chopped
1 cup Sour Cream
1 bag Finely Grated Mexican Cheese (8 Oz)
½ bunches Fresh Cilantro, Coarsely Chopped (or To Taste)

Drain corn, chilies and jalapenos.

Put in a large bowl with the beans and tilt the bowl on its side while you chop the other veggies. Add the rest of the veggies and drain – there will be liquid accumulated in the bowl. Stir in the sour cream and grated cheese.

Add the cilantro last.

Refrigerate before serving if you have time and the self-control to keep from eating it.

Serve with  Fritos Scoops or Lime Tostitos.  (We served it with chile fritos.)

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