Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Girl Cherub is 11

My girl cherub turns 11 years old today!

I remember when these feet would fit in the palm of my hand!

Would I love for her to still be a baby; so that I could hold and cuddle and keep her wrapped in my arms?

But if I did that, then I'd be missing out on the fine young lady she's becoming!

If I wished her back to those baby years, I'd be missing out on all of this:
  • her funny sense of humor!
  • her showing me her latest dance routine.
  • her sweet smile!
  • her asking me to tuck her in and to sing "her song."
  • her sense of style and love for Vera Bradly and sassy Toms!
  • her creative-side.
  • playing games with her.
  • her excitement and love for school!
  • her joy of learning something new.
  • helping her with her homework and school projects.
  • being able to disciple her in God's word and teaching her how to listen and follow His plan.
There's so much more . . .but what I love is that I get to watch her mature into a beautiful young lady who is rooted in faith and anchored in family.

She is both amazing and amazingly different!

She is just as God has created her and I'm learning, still, to appreciate all that she is!

Happy Birthday to my Sweet Girl!

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