Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A New Cookbook

I'm rubbing off on my girl cherub.

I'm raising a little "me."

It's somewhat sad and somewhat pleasing!

I'll explain:

A week or so ago it was the book fair at school.

You remember those days?

Loads of books hauled into the library.

The children are encouraged to shop   . . .

 .  . . and read, of course!

It's actually a great fundraise for schools.

However, my confession is this:

when we lived in Oklahoma, a Scholastic Book Distribution center was just a few miles from our home.

I could go anytime because I purchased books for our church library.

It was phenomenal!

And it was cheap!

I would buy for the church library.


I would buy for my cherubs.


I would buy for the church library.


I would buy for my cherubs.


This was my shopping frenzy!

Kind of a "one for them, two for me" sorta deal!

But!  Here's the great part!

When the book fair came to our school,

I'd go open the cabinet in the hallway and let the cherubs choose 3 or 4 new books from my well-formed and well-stashed books that I had bought. 

(For point of clarification; I purchased church books with church money; cherub books with Mr.'s money).

Everyone was happy!
The cherubs got new books; just like everybody else.

And I saved money AND encouraged reading!

Back to our recent experience.

After window shopping at this year's book fair, my girl cherub came home and told me she found a book she wanted.

A cookbook!

Seriously!  My 5th grader wanted a cookbook!

Yes!  This is great!

Really?  My 5th grader wants a cookbook?

Those were my two thoughts!

Knowing that she'd really wanted it and

knowing she's really use it,

I surprised her with it!

She's already read through it several times and has book marked recipes she's wanting to try right away.

She's so excited . . .

and so am I!

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