Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Glittery Picture Frame Chalk Boards

My girl cherub was invited to a birthday party.

I had enough time to order the gift.

But, truthfully, I just never sat down to get that job done!

On Friday night, before the Saturday afternoon party, we were trying to think of a gift.

I had a very cute idea . . .but my cherub had already given that very gift to her friend last year.

With a quick thought, we headed off to Michaels and came home with all of the goodies to make the chalkboards!

While we were making this, I had 2 thoughts:
  • I hope this works!
  • I hope the wrapping paper doesn't stick to the frame!

Supplies Needed:

1 unfinished picture frame, any size
Super fine sanding paper, maybe
Spray paint, any color; glossy finish
Paper sacks, cut open, or newsprint to cover work area
Painters tape
Super fine glitter, any color
Chalkboard spray paint
3M Spray adhesive
Clear Protective Sealer

Take the picture frame and remove the center cardboard (and glass; we used a cheap frame -- it didn't have glass!).  Set cardboard center to the side.  If necessary, lightly sand the picture frame to remove any rough areas or splintery edges.  Using a lint-free cloth, "dust" away any sanding particles.  Our frames didn't need any sanding.

Cover your work area outside.  Lay the picture frame on the paper and apply spray paint, according to directions on can.  We applied 3 coats.  Allow to dry thoroughly; unless, of course, your party is in 12 hours!

On another work area, take the cardboard center and, using the chalkboard spray paint, apply according to directions.  Allow to dry thoroughly.  Our chalkboard paint requires a 24 hour dry-time before suggesting to write on it . . . .oops!  We didn't wait that long!

When dry, use the painters tape to section off the design that you will glitter.  Obviously, stripes are easiest!

Once tape is applied, and working over covered work area, lightly spray the adhesive over the entire frame and heavily sprinkle the super fine glitter, covering every inch of the frame.  Allow to sit for 20-30 minutes before gently tapping off excess glitter.  Gently, reapply another very fine layer of adhesive, and re-apply glitter, using the same "cover, wait, and tap-off" method.  Re-apply glitter, if necessary, or until desired coverage is achieved.  After the last application, allow the frame to dry for a minimum of an hour before removing the painters tape, revealing your adorable glittered frame!

Allow the frame to sit overnight for thorough drying.

Once dry, take to covered work area and apply 2-3 coats of clear sealant, according to directions.  Allow to dry thoroughly before wrapping!

Be sure to include a piece of chalk with the gift! 

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