Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Back Home

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It's been awhile since I've posted.

One might think that we haven't been eating! 

While we surely haven't been trying new recipes or being creative in the kitchen, we have been maintaining a caloric intake!

What's really been going on is that we've been in the process of moving!

"Process" is a long word!

And so is "moving!"

In late Spring, we put our home on the market and it sold rather quickly.

That was the easy part!

The Mr. took a month off between job changes; we had hoped it would be a time to unwind.

It was anything but that!

Since June 1st, we have:
  • made inspection repairs on our Dallas home
  • cleaned our Dallas home when we moved out
  • met movers to pack our Dallas home
  • moved into temporary housing
  • moved out of temporary housing
  • cleaned our temporary home when we moved out
  • gone on vacation
  • started homeschool for the cherubs
  • bought a house
  • cleaned the new house so we could move in
  • painted rooms at our new house
  • took a Labor Day get away
  • started looking for a new church home
  • had fun hanging with family and friends in Oklahoma
  • gone to several fun events as apart of the new ministry we work with
  •  . . .and this past weekend, we met movers to deliver our belongings
This means that we are currently spending every minute we have to unpack!

We are beyond excited to be "back home" in Oklahoma;  I can't wait to get settled! 

I'm ready to get back into our "home routine!"

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