Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Tomato Paste Woes

Removing tomato paste from the can might be a wee bit of pain.

The cans are small.

The spatula needs to be smaller than the standard spatula size.

Sometimes you might cut your finger trying to "clean out" all of the tomato paste.

It would be nice if tomato paste was a bit easier to get out of the can; don't you think?

I've been doing this trick to empty the tomato paste can for many years now.

So it's neither new nor my own invention!

Perhaps you already do this nifty little trick.

But in case you don't, I wanted to post it for you!

Yes, you! 

You may be the one person who needs this handy-dandy kitchen trick.

And you'll love it next time you open a can of tomato paste!

You will feel like you have conquered the world!

OK -- maybe not to that extreme.

But you will do it and you will say to yourself,

"Well, huh!  That's pretty neat!"

Below are pictures and a brief description.

Not that you couldn't look at the pictures and figure it out . . .

but words are nice.


Start with your can of tomato paste.

Remove the top lid; as in "totally remove."

Turn the can upside down and cut the lid, but do not remove.

Using your finger, gently and steadily push the bottom lid through the can.

Viola!  You did it!  The tomato paste is removed with very little effort or waste!

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