Thursday, February 23, 2012

Live for ball

Baseball season is here!

For my boy cherub -- that's the best time of year!

Did you know there are 30 MLB teams?

Me either.

Why would we know this information?

My cherub knows it.

He's a smart cherub, but can't remember how to spell words, but has committed to memory the number of MLB teams and stats to go along with them!
Today he asked me how to spell "blonde."  The next sentence he tells me how many 1st basemen are right handed and batting averages of playes I've never heard of!
Did you know there are more than 160 Minor League teams that feed those Major League teams?

Me either!

Why would we know this information? 

I heard my cherub say today, "I live to play baseball and I play baseball to live." 


Is this "profound 13 year old thinking?"

It is -- and truthfully, it's kind of fun! 

I know the name of my favorite player, his number, and what position he plays.  I have no idea what his stats are . . .but I do know he looks cute in his uniform!

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