Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Snickers is Amazing!

The other day my boy cherub wasn't feeling too well before church.

My reply, as it almost always is, "let's try and if you don't feel better, or if you get worse, we'll come home."

He started feeling a bit better.

During the service, my girl cherub leaned on me and said, "Momma, my tummy isn't feeling great."

To their defense, neither looked like they felt very well.  But you know, we can't go entirely on looks!

After the service, she went to rest behind the Welcome desk . . .

that makes a good impression!

In an attempt to help her tummy settle, I said, "Hey!  Go back to the preschool area and ask them for a cracker or a peanut butter cracker."

Her reply, "Mom!  I'm gluten free!'

All I can say is this: "thank goodness we're gluten free by choice at this point!  If it were a life-and-death situation, I probably would have already killed her by giving her gluten!"

So, the Mr.'s right hand lady said, "There's some peanut butter over in the office area."

She gave us the key and off we went.

Found the peanut butter.

Looked, and looked, and looked for a utensil.

Couldn't find one.

But I did find a fun-sized snickers candy bar!

That's right!

I unwrapped that candy bar and dug deep into the peanut butter.

Gave it to my cherub.

Guess what!

Amazingly, within no time at all, she was feeling better!

That's what I call being a great mom!

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