Sunday, February 5, 2012

Things that Drive me Crazy


We all have quirks.

Some have more than others.

Some bother me more than others--

Quirks, that is, not people.

OK, maybe people too.

But I've been thinking of things that drive me crazy.

Things that really shouldn't matter.

But they do.

Things like:
  • people who go in the "out" door; that's why they're marked.
  • people who go out the "in" door; reading is fundamental -- let's try it.
  • people who are using the wrong door, but expect me to hold the door open for them; I'm opening the door, so I can get out of your way!
  • people who are texting while they're driving; there's not even a comment for this, except STOP!
  • people who choose to smoke right outside the doors of a  place of business; if I wanted to inhale smoke, I'd get some cigerretes.
  • people who don't use the bar-seperator-thingy at the grocery store checkout -- keeping our items a safe distance from each other; it's just courtesy for the clerk -- come on!  Let's help out!
  • people who walk into a store and stop in the middle of the enterance while they take off their sunglasses, put their keys away, or try to remember why they came to the store; get organized someplace else!
  • people at the grocery store who walk in the smack middle of the aisle -- I just want to scream, "IT'S LIKE A STREET, EVERYBODY STAY ON THE CORRECT SIDE AND THINGS WILL MOVE SMOOTHLY!"
  • parents who try to negotiate with a 3 year old, who's pitching a fit because they're not getting their way; are you going to do this when they're 16?
  • parents who keep repeatedly say to their kids, "If you don't stop, I'm gonna . . . "  Really?  Because you're not my mom and I've already got you figured out too!
  • used tissue left in the pockets of clothing that gets washed; I don't even want to touch your clean snot rag.
  • wal-mart; like the whole store.
An even dozen . . .that's a good place to stop!

What's your "thing?"

1 comment:

  1. I agree with all of yours, but I would move the one about parent who repeatedly say, "If you do that one more time", to the top of the list. I want to turn to them and say, "If you say that one more time."