Monday, October 17, 2011

Apple-Mallow-Butter-Chip Wrap!

Today, I share my page with my first guest post!  The Mr. begs  tries to be a "guest post" on my blog -but not until now have I thought something could be so worthy!

You'll be amazed at the one-of-a-kind recipe that was created!

Today, my youngest cherub shares her favorite recipe that she created!

"This is great!  I hope y'all like it!  It's great for any meal or snack. 
You'll need:
a tortilla
1/2 an apple
chocolate chips
peanut butter
marshmallow cream OR mini marshmallows

Today, I am home sick.  I tried this recipe on a crepe that my mom made. 
It was SOOOOOOOOOO delicious on a crepe!
On your tortilla, spread on a WHOLE LOTTA peanut butter!
Then, depending on what you use, put on your marshmallows. 
I like the cream AND the marshmallows -- hey!  Maybe I should put BOTH on my tortilla!
Next, sprinkle on some diced up apples.
After that, let it rain down chocolate chips all over the goodness.
Last but not least, roll the tortilla up so you can have your goodness.

This is what they're going to serve in heaven
when I get there!"

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