Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New Flavors

Vanilla-Butternut Flavor - 1 oz.

Princess Cake Flavor - 4 oz.

I have to practice restraint when looking at the King Arthur website!

I want one of everything!

When a friend gave me a bottle of "fiori di sicilia" -- it's changed they way I look at extracts!

When my little friend, Benjamin, gave me a gift card last May to King Arthur -- I knew I was in heaven!

I ordered several things -- but two flavorings that I got where the Princess and the Vanilla Butternut.

Both are subtle and add just a bit of depth to cakes, cookies, and frostings! 

The flavorings and extracts are strong -- so just a little goes a long ways!  I've never added more than 1/2 of a tsp. in any recipe!

If "living on the baking edge" is thrilling to you -- then get yourself a bottle of each  . . .and maybe the Butter Rum too!

That's my next purchase!

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