Saturday, October 8, 2011

Totally Fun!

My boy cherub turned 13 a few weeks ago.

He's having his "friend" party today . . .
on OU/Texas Weekend!

That WAS his party --

having his "Texas" friends over to watch OU win!

That's a great way to make and keep friends!

To get ready for 12 boys -- we cleared everything out of the living room.
Put up a "tailgate tent" and spread out astro-turf!


Then we hung a little OU  paraphernalia around -- but not too much; we didn't want to rub it in!

We dusted off this old football game that the cherub got one year for Christmas
when we was about 6 years old!
It was a hit!

Nothing beats a good game!
Especially when your team wins!

We grilled out and had "stadium food" for the boys!

These boys consumed:
2 dozen hot dogs
1 1/2 bags corn chips with queso
4 gallons of lemonade
1 dozen OU decorated sugar cookies
2 dozen chocolate chip cookies
fun size butterfingers and resees peanut butter cups 

When the game was a total run-a-way . . .
and since my cherub was the ONLY OU fan  . . .
they found other ways to entertain themselves!

Their goal was to make a giant pile with
all the boys.

Please notice that my cherub is on top . . .
and see the chair off to the side . . .
that's what he jumped from . . .
and yes . . .
the Mr. and I watched . . .
after all, I had to get a picture if it worked!

(And this is the exact reason why we removed all the furniture!)

I was thrilled when they went outside to play!
That many boys -- sweatin' --
it's just better when there's good air circulation!

"It was totally fun!"
(A direct quote from my cherub)

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